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W E L C O M E ,   B L U E   D U K E S ! ! !

Why a website?

  • See photos from our 50 year reunion.
  • Contact classmates and share memories.
  • Supplement our Facebook page.

What about privacy?

  • You decide how much or how little information to provide.
  • You can deny access to the public and to search engines.
  • You can update or delete your information at any time.

Who's on here?

  • 273 graduates + 3 AFSers junior year + 66 classmates who left prior to spring '68
  • Class of 1968 Blue Dukes = 342 

Whatever happened to so-and-so?

  • Yearbook photos are posted next to each Blue Duke's name.
  • Use 'Where Are They Now' and 'Where We Live'.
  • Visit their individual profile, once it's been activated. 

Who are we missing?

  • Some Blue Dukes don't use email - we've contacted them via snail mail.
  • 48 classmates for whom we have no email address - please help! 
  • Take a look at 'Missing Blue Dukes' and help us contact them.

Who's no longer with us?

  • 'In Memory' section has, sadly, 52 names with photos, years of death, and 41 obituaries. 
  • Feel free to post memories, photos, and additional obituaries, if you have them.

What's next?

  • Click on JOIN HERE and share your news.


Know the email address of a missing Blue Duke? Click here to contact them!


Percentage of Joined Blue Dukes: 47.7%

A:   135   Joined
B:   148   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)